Trails To Heaven

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"Precious Memories" by Fletcher is the song now playing off the CD "Trails To Heaven". 


     Trails To Heaven has been in the making for some three years and has finally come about due to lots of very hard work by Brandon Bevers of Sonrise Studios, Terry Winsett, Jonathan Haynes, Jennifer Coleman, Janie Walker, Kathy Walker and Karen Walker Durham.   It is a collection of songs Terry and I have arranged in a way that we pray will be a blessing to you as you listen. 

     I recall Terry visiting me in the hospital at Dallas in January of 2004 after I had been in a near fatal vehicle accident.   God had mercifully spared my life.  I shared with Terry that I believe God has plans for us to do some great music to encourage folks on their lifes journey.

1. The Son Of A Carpenter written by Mark Bishop portrays the love of our Lord Jesus
2. You Stand By Your Word written by Leslie Sagraves is a testimony of my life and a reminder that we can always count on God
3. Beulah Land written by Squire Parsons was song of the year in 1981 and still as precious today, twenty five years later
4. Take Your Shoes Off Moses written by the Stanley Brothers is a toe tapping feel good song bluegrass style
5. I Want You To Meet My Friend a Tom T. Hall penned song
6. Wilt Thou Be Made Whole
by Carroll Robberson is destined to be an all-time classic
7. Wayfaring Stranger is a haunting folk spiritual offering hope of the otherside
8. Precious Memories by J.B.F. Wright is the comforting song of family remembrances and our hopes for the future.  Listen to Terry's soulful fiddle rendition.  It doesn't get better
9. Come And Dine by Charles B. Widmeyer is another up-tempo song of joy and happiness of when we feast with the Lord forever
10. Peace In The Valley by the great Thomas Dorsey another trail to heaven done in the memory of and for Marian Adkins
11. Someone To Care is another song of comfort written by Jimmie Davis
12. Dreaming Of A Little Cabin by our favorite writer Albert E. Brumley portrays the sweet dreams of a dear mother's love
13. Where We'll Never Grow Old written by James Moore is our final trail  to the joys of our eternal home in heaven.


                            ~ Fletcher Jowers ~

Purchase CD $14.95