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"Master's Call" by Fletcher is the song now playing off the CD "Church At The Wagon".  This song was written by Marty Robbins, Tommy Allsup guitar, Bobby Boatright on fiddle, Mark Abbott bass and, Donny Catron guitar.

To be horseback in good country on a spring morning, waiting for the sound of those first bawling mommas with their babies coming into your part of the drive brings a sweet peaceful bliss that only one having been there could truly understand. It is my prayer that God will bless you with that same type of true and everlasting peace as you listen to this music. "Be careful for nothing, but in everything, by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known unto God. And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and your minds through Christ Jesus."
Philippians 4:6-7

Thanks to Tommy, Bobby, Mark, Donny and all of you who helped make this project possible. But most of all to Our Lord for giving us the lyrics and for giving Tommy Allsup the interpretation needed to deliver them. I will forever be indebted to my dear brother, Dr Don Benton and his sweet wife Rose Marie for their encouragement and support. To my darling daughter Jenny, who patiently listened as I called her almost daily to sing her a new song that God had given us. She gave all she had in support right through to the project completion. A special thank you to The Tennessee Gentlemen for lending us your wonderful lead singer with his tremendous tenor voice, Mr. Donny Catron. Last but not least, a very special thank you to those magnificent Wagon Fly Choir members, Tommy Allsup - baritone, Donny Catron - tenor, Mark Abbott - bass.

Tommy Allsup - Lead guitar, rhythm guitar, harmony vocals
Bobby Boatright - Fiddle
Donny Catron - Rhythm guitar, harmony vocals
Mark Abbott - Bass fiddle, harmony vocals

Mark Petty - Engineer

Recorded at -
ASC Recording Studios, Dallas, Texas

Purchase CD $14.95

Listen to samples from
"Church at the Wagon'

1.Church at The Wagon
2.You're Never Alone
3.Old Camp Meeting Ground
4.A Brand New Life
5.The New Range
6.John Three Sixteen
7.Ol Snake
8.A Memory of Jim
9.God Gave Us The Horse
10.Master's Call (by Marty Robbins)

Spotlight Artist - Fletcher Jowers

Singing cowboys may be a dying breed but they are not dead yet. Wayne Austin, featured a couple of times this year is one and Fletcher Jowers is another.

Fletcher Jowers is a real life Texas cowboy, a singer and songwriter dedicated to keeping the Old West alive in the minds of those, like me, who are cowboys at heart. Fletcher has appeared at just about all of the major western events and his talents have been recognized by his many nominations for awards.

On "Church At The Wagon" (Pistol Hill Music), Fletcher reminds us there was a deep religious side to the "riders of the range" and with ten superb performances portrays the varying circumstances where the cowboy may have the urge to call on his Savior.

"God Gave Us The Horse" is probably the most natural way he would affirm his faith and the cowboy would most certainly visit "An Old Camp Meeting Ground" from time to time, fondly recalling "A Memory Of Jim" who has found "A Brand New Life" on "The New Range". These are all originals, in fact Fletcher wrote all but "The Master's Call" (Marty Robbins) for this wonderful project.